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We use a variety of treatment approaches tailor-made to help the child, their family and carers meet their needs and maximise their potential in everyday life.

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About our Therapy Sessions which include:

  • Therapy sessions are direct 1:1 sessions, face to face in the home or school or if appropriate via video call and are approximately 45 minutes direct contact time and 15 minutes preparation and administration.
  • It is advisable to have a feedback session following the assessment and prior to therapy commencing to discuss the aims and goals for therapy with parents and/or child/school.
  • Ready-made handouts may be provided to support continuation of therapeutic activities and strategies at home or for an additional cost an individualised programme can be provided for your child.
  • Rview sessions including a short written summary will be recommended as required.
  • Additional resources recommended for activities and strategies at home such as visual timetables, Theraputty can also be purchased for an additional cost.
  • On completion of therapy you will be provided with a ready-made programme of recommended activities or for an additional cost an individualised programme for your child.
  • As identified through research following completion of therapy it is recommended parents and schools continue to work on the programme provided for at least 3 months before considering any further intervention directly with a therapist to allow the child time to consolidate their new skills.
  • Sessions are invoiced at the end of the month or blocks of 6 or 12 sessions can be paid for in advance with a 10% discount (Please see our page Important Information for more details).

We encourage parents and carers to take an active role in therapy;

If we treat your child today, we will help them today. If we teach you to help your child, you can help them for a lifetime...